Thursday, February 24, 2011

Urban Organic—the best kept secret!

"SAVE MONEY, SAVE TIME, SAVE THE PLANET!" that’s their motto…

Every Thursday for the past three weeks I have rushed home from work in anticipation of my weekly delivery from Urban Organic. I was introduced to Urban Organic through a co-worker, and can I just say--- what an awesome idea/company, I’m so happy she shared!

Urban Organic is a weekly (or bi-monthly) organic produce and grocery delivery service out of Brooklyn, NY. Over the past 10 years they have become the country's largest home delivery service of organic produce and groceries. Depending on where you live (sorry this one’s only for NY and NJ residents, but I urge you to look for similar services in your area, post them in the comments section if you find any!) they will deliver, right to your doorstep, Tuesday (Brooklyn and Staten Island), Wednesday (Manhattan), or Thursday (NY {Suffolk, Nassau, Bronx, Riverdale, Rockland and Westchester} NJ {Union, Essex, Bergen, Middlesex, Hudson & Passaic Counties}).

So- how does it work? Well, they bulk-buy produce, groceries and dairy goods from organic farmers' cooperatives, distributors and individual farmers (and they try to give local farmers as much of their business as possible). All of their produce is Certified Organic; so good, healthy, fresh fruits and vegetables to munch on all week long! I began by ordering the Original Value Box (as is required for NJ customers). The OVB delivers to your door between 15-18 different fruits and vegetables (about 2-3 of each)! This week’s box contained:

CARROTS* I had carrots left over from last week so I paid $1 to substitute it out, and got extra lettuce!
RUSSET POTATOES* this item is on my permanent deletion list, so I received extra grapefruit! (you can add up to 3 permanent deletions- I have potatoes and yams on mine!)

I got everything listed above x2-4, and it cost me $34.99 plus delivery ($4.99). All in all I am so happy with this service. They offer a much better selection than the stores around me can offer in the organic produce department, I don’t have to make the trip to the store, and it’s gotten me to try new and different produce: well hello rainbow chard and kale (YUM! recipes coming). The other size boxes they offer are the Little Box (perfect for one), the Extra-Value Box (same as the OVB just more of it!), and the Juicing Box (juice all you want, fruits and dark leafy greens). One of these boxes will surely suit your family’s size and lifestyle. In addition to the fruit and vegetable boxes, they also offer organic groceries, herbs and spices (and some other non-paleo stuff like dairy, desserts, etc…).

With each delivery, you also get the Urban Organic newsletter, which contains details about the box, helpful hints, announcements, and any other relevant (and irrelevant) information. Also available on their website: RECIPES: Great, free, fast and easy recipes that use the ingredients of the week, and storage tips!

So do the global community a favor, call their office today and tell them NJPALEOGIRL.COM sent you!

(here are two pictures of last weeks box! lettuce, spinach, kale, broccoli, squash, apples, oranges, pears, kiwi, bananas, carrots, onions and lemons!)


  1. Thanks for the tip and I'll give them your website name as a reference.

  2. I live in Flushing, and there are a ton of fresh produce markets I can walk to; however, it is very difficult to find any organic produce in my neighborhood. I think I am going to give this delivery service a try. I will say NJPALEOGIRL.COM sent me. Thanks for the info.

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  4. I live in Mendham NJ and use Alstede Farms in Chester NJ. They are a family owned organic farm. Great find.