Friday, April 1, 2011

Paleo Beauty Friday: Honey Mint Scrub

A scrub is a guy that can't get no love from me,
Hanging out the passenger side,
Of his best friends ride,
Trying to hollar at me.

No, in all seriousness- Body scrubs are a great way to keep your skin healthy and beautiful through exfoliation (they can be abrasive so only use 1-2 times per week).

You can buy a body scrub for anywhere from $5-$50 to give yourself a body scrub at home or spend even more to get a body scrub treatment at a spa. Most body scrubs have these three ingredients: an exfoliant, oil, and a fragrance. The Exfoliant is the abrasive material that rubs away the dead skin cells on the surface, revealing the softer, younger cells just below. The Oil holds the mixture together so you can apply it to your skin (more expensive body scrubs usually have more expensive oils like macadamia oil, kukui nut oil and sweet almond oil). The Fragrance leaves your skin smelling nice after the scrub treatment. Ideally, the fragrance will come from high-quality essential oils; budget body scrubs will have synthetic fragrances and more synthetic ingredients in general.

So for this installment of Paleo Beauty Friday I am saving you money and helping you to make your own quality body scrub! This mixture will not only make your skin feel soft; it is also full of minerals & nutrients that will benefit your skin for days afterwards (and makes enough for several applications!). This body scrub uses jojoba oil, peppermint oil, honey, vitamin E, and almond meal.

Jojoba oil is a woody shrub grown primarily in the desert regions of the southwestern United States and northwestern Mexico. It acts as a moisturizing agent, without leaving any greasy film on your skin. It may also help treat acne, by protecting the skin from harmful bacteria. Jojoba oil contains many important nutrients, such as vitamin E, B complex, and the minerals silicon, chromium, copper, and zinc. It also contains the important trace element iodine.

Peppermint oil helps this exfoliant feel refreshing with its cooling effect. It also contains several minerals and nutrients including; iron, manganese, magnesium, folate, calcium, potassium, copper, omega-3 fatty acids, Vitamin A and Vitamin C.

Honey has an ability to absorb and retain moisture, which helps skin feel hydrated and fresh. It is a natural antioxidant and has anti-microbial properties, which help protect the skin from the damage of the sun's rays. It also supports the skin in rejuvenating and refreshing depleted skin.

Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant with many helpful uses. It protects cell membranes, keeps cells healthy, neutralizes damaging free radicals and blocks carcinogens. Thanks to its healing properties, it is often applied topically for treatment of scars, stretch marks, crow’s feet, reduction of wrinkles, as well as soothes cracked lips.

Almond Meal acts as a scrubber to slough off dead skin cells and regenerate new ones.

Honey Almond Scrub


• 4 Tablespoons almond meal (or almond flour)
• 2 Tablespoons jojoba oil
• 4 Tablespoons honey
• 5 drops of peppermint essential oil
• 2-3 drops of vitamin E oil


1. In a glass jar, mix together almond meal and jojoba oil
2. Stir well
3. Next mix in the honey, peppermint oil, & vitamin E oil
4. Stir until completely mixed

To Use:

1. Cleanse skin first
2. Take about 1/2 a tablespoon of the mixture in your hand and add a few drops of water
3. Lightly massage all over for several minutes
4. Remove with warm wash cloth or warm water (do not use cleanser, it is good to leave the oils on your face)
5. Finish by applying moisturizer


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