Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Tuesday Link Love

I'm feeling under the weather, could I have the "low-carb flu"!?!

To keep you entertained and occupied while I'm recouping, here are some great posts by some of my favorite Paleo Bloggers out there:

Paleo Erin
Get outside and move, it's Spring! Fuel up with a choco-protein smoothie.

Cave Kitchen
Cooking oils--- which are ok, what should I use?

Paleo At Penn
Paleo Journey Recap

Robb Wolf
Yummy Banana Bread

The Functional Foodie
Awesome Beef Stew I will be making this week!

Eating and Other Stuff
Staples for turning recipes "paleo friendly"

30 Days of Paleo
A lovely recap of the trip to the farm 

Mark's Daily Apple
How To: Intermittent fasting---

Primal Fed
Awesome recipe for chicken Kabobs

1 comment:

  1. please let me know how your beef stew turns out :)